Hedvi - A Rusticville!

Hedvi a small hamlet in the Ratnagiri district is known more for the Dashabhuja Lakshmi Ganesh temple than as a tourist destination, however there is lots to see in and around Hedvi.

The Ganpati temple is definitely the major attraction of the place. The beautiful temple is built atop a small hillock and is believed to be from the Peshwa regime. The idol of the diety here is depicted to have 10 hands hence the name Dasha bhuja Ganpati!

About a kilometer from the temple is the rocky shores of Hedvi. The black sand beach unlike the beaches on its either sides is a rocky stretch. The rocky shores of Hedvi is known for the 'Bahman Ghal'.

Brahmanghal is a rare natural phenomenon where continous gradation of the rocks by the sea has created a gorge in the black rock patch about 20 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide. The sea water gushes in and a water column rises through this gorge above the rocks upto 20-30ft!

Just a few minute drive from Hedvi is another pristine white sand beach of Velneshwar. Velneshwar also has a Shiva temple near the beautiful beach and is definitely a must visit during your trip to Hedvi.

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